DSG Products

DSG Products supplies a range of selected best-in-class products for the defence and law enforcement markets, including weapons, weapon-enhancements, accessories and tactical equipment.

Weapons and Accessories

DSG is an agent, representative, distributor and advisor to international companies for the supply, training, application and support of military products to the armed forces and government customers.

Representing some of the leading international military equipment manufacturers, including BE Meyers, General Dynamics, Heckler & Koch, Garwood and Goodyear, DSG brings together some of the best military products available on the market, supported by a knowledgeable and highly experienced DSG customer-support team that really understands our customers' requirements and how to satisfy them.

DSG also produces a range of specialist weapons and accessories for use with Multi Environment Ammunition, including the patented Universal Muzzle Attachment, combining flash hider, recoil reduction and suppressor in one unit.

Supporting & Protecting Our Service Personnel

In addition to weapons from Heckler & Koch and Garwood, other products in the DSG range include body armour, laser sights, high performance hand-held torches & flashlights, clothing & apparel, lightweight & high capacity magazines, and ruggedised, waterproof & field-ready laptops and other commun ications equipment.

DSG is constantly seeking new products around the world that can enhance the safety and effectiveness of service personnel in the field and complement the current product range. We understand the challenges and we strive to provide excellent solutions, utterly reliable products and unsurpassed customer service.

Some of our references:

  • Special forces
  • Regular army
  • Nato Air stations
  • Special ammunition depots
  • Live fireing test grounds
  • Police forces, including helicopter units
  • Nuclear facilities