DSG Technology

DSG Technology is a specialist developer of underwater and multi-environment ammunition
(MEA), which is proprietary patented technology that delivers unparalled ballistic
performance from standard weapons in air and water.

Supercavitation Specialists
DSG's Multi Environment Ammunition (MEA), which uses the company's patented supercavitation technology represents a major R&D investment that gives DSG MEA a singular and world-leading status. This unique ammunition has exceptional capabilities underwater, from air to water and from water to air, even when used with standard, unmodified weapons.

These products represent the next generation of ammunition for maritime, littoral, underwater and air/water environments, with new products and ground-breaking applications under continuous development.

DSG's development team includes some of the world's leading experts and specialists in the field of supercavitating projectile development, responsible for numerous patents and patent applications on the subject. DSG also provides research and development, testing, prototyping, application-verification and consultancy services.

Scalable Solutions
DSG MEA technology works with all calibres from 4.5 mm through to 155 mm and is also proven in much larger supercavitating projectiles, including torpedoes, with correspondingly dramatic performance gains.

MEA ammunition design enables full-calibre projectiles to be used in standard weapons in air, from air to water, underwater and even from water into air, offering operational solutions for the most demanding situations.

New Maritime Threats - New Counter Measures
Innovative maritime applications are possible using MEA. This product transforms the possibilities for supercavitating projectiles, with greater stability in air thanks to spin-stabilisation and full or near full-calibre rounds, Mine Counter Measures (MCM), and torpedo defence solutions are now real options.

MEA offers new possibilities for ASW, Littoral Combat Ships, special operations and MCM and promises a realistic defence against new high-speed undersea threats to shipping.

MEASupercavitation rounds for:
• Anti Submarine Warfare
• Mine Counter Measures
• Anti Torpedo Measures
• Underwater Close Combat
• Defeating maritime EODís